Sponsor a Little Saint

Sponsor a Little Saint

1/28/2021: Due to a backlog of orders, Sponsorships are temporarily not available.

We are adding new Little Saints all the time, but you may be looking for one we don't yet offer. Maybe it's the patron saint of a child in your life, or a favorite Bible character. Whatever the occasion may be, it is a very special gift to give in honor of your loved one.

How it Works

  1. Place your order using the form above. Please be specific, as there may be many saints with the same name.
  2. Sponsorships are always placed at the front of the line in our production process!
  3. Once the artwork is completed, your sponsored design will be part of our next production run.
  4. When your sponsored design is added to our website, your "in honor" message will be prominently displayed on the page (if desired).
  5. You will receive your sponsored Little Saint block from its very first production run! (Please allow 6 to 8 weeks, up to 10 weeks during the holiday season.)

Terms & Conditions

We are committed Orthodox Christians, and so we can only produce Little Saints blocks depicting Orthodox figures. This includes all biblical saints, all pre-schism saints both western and eastern, and all post-schism saints recognized by the Orthodox Church.

Little Saints Toy Co. has sole creative control over the appearance of the artwork and content of the prayer/text on the back, based on Orthodox sources.

If there is ambiguity in the requested saint (for example, if a request is simply for "Saint John"), we will exercise our judgment to select a saint that matches your request. Please be specific as possible with your requests!

We reserve the right to edit your "in honor" message for length or content.

At this time, we can only accept sponsorships for individual Little Saints, not for playsets or other items. You are welcome to contact us with your ideas, though!

All user-submitted suggestions and ideas become the sole intellectual property of Little Saints Toy Co.